About Ageless Glamour Girls

Hello, Luvvies! We’re so glad you’re here! ‘Lots going on. We’re in the process of building a new website. Plus – we launched our Ageless Glamour Girls Podcast. YAY! ‘So exciting! We’re now on Season 2, after a brief hiatus.

A new episode of the AGG podcast drops every Wednesday, at noon. You can find the link to the podcast on this page, and of course you can also check it out on most podcasting platforms, including Apple, IHeart, Amazon, Spotify, and more.

We want YOU to be a part of the action. Let us know of any subjects you would like for us to discuss. Nothing is off limits! And don’t rule out coming on the show yourself, to discuss it! We’d love to have you!

Ageless Glamour Girls is aimed at women age 50 and above. (Here’s looking at you, Kid!) Our mission is to inform, enlighten, motivate, inspire, and yes – even to entertain, while giving women a sense of community, to help them navigate this sometimes challenging, but exciting season.

The AGG podcast covers a plethora of relevant topics, including health and wellness, finance, careers and entrepreneurship, ageism, family and other relationships, caregiving, and so much more. Again, nothing is off-limits! – We would love for you to join our community! You can find us on Instagram, Facebook – including a private chat room called “The Ageless Cafe´”

TikTok, and other platforms. And of course, you can find us right here, on the website. – Drop us a line at info@agelessglamourgirls.com. We love connecting! That’s it for now, Luvvies! Here’s to healthy aging and joyful living! Reconnect, soon!

Ageless Glamour Girls: BOLD. BEAUTIFUL. BRILLIANT. PS – Your glamour is showing, and we love it!

Marqueeta Curtis-Haynes 


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